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November 17, 2011
All Poetry

My Dynamic Self

My hand is outstretched
Reaching towards you will you take my hand
Will you extend yourself
Will you meet me halfway
I would caress your face with the softness of a shower of cascading rose petals
I would squeeze you tight like a bear holding you close
I can be playful and left you up to spin you around
Or I can be mischievous and pin you down
Mercury's presence in my chart
The ruler of communication needs to talk, share and express
I have the Wings of an Angel with the tail of a Devil
My mind is for meditation and deep thought while my heart beats for heavy-metal
I walk in the Daylight but I'm a Creature of the Night
My hand is outstretched will you reach towards me
Gaze into my eyes and you can peek into the depths of my soul
Will you care to join me in this dance?

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