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December 16, 2007
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My Past

My past is haunting me
Slapping me in the face
It plays unfair and goes right for the weak spot
Like branding a new born baby with a red hot cattle prod
Over the years the scar never truly healing
This poison runs deep
Like an aliment that goes in and out of remission
Coming back to remind me of the original injustice
Over the years with much awareness, meditation, focus and practice
the scar is not as bad as it once was
But still that slap in the face is hitting in the right spot
Knocking the wind right out of me
Taking some of my life force energy with it
Everyday of the past few days I am reminded
With the tears of the past and the pain of the hurt rolling down my face
Picking up the broken parts of my smashed wooden ship
I try to piece myself back together
So I can once again row gently down the stream

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