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November 22, 2013
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River of the Soul

There is a river that runs thru my soul
A deep river of consciousness
It's surface appeals still
Yet it is not
When a rock is thrown it disrupts my being
Ripples feels like waves in my body
Stones feel like gun shots to the stillness
Words can have the same effect
Imagine the river was you
Your body, your flesh
A jagged rock being thrown not only disrupts the surface
Like a bullet puncturing your skin
But it continues to cut as it rips thru the water
Breaking the serenity
Like a hurricane to a zen sand garden
Words are thrown like stones into the consciousness of our being
Rocks accumulated at the bottom of the river bed forever changing the inner landscape
Making the river a different river
Can you still your waters after the rocks are thrown?
Can you still your waters while the rocks are thrown?

(C) Jack Roman

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