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January 30, 2014
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The Hearts Engine

I am an explosion waiting to happen
Not one that will destroy a building
More like in a race cars engine
The explosions are needed to move forward
All my pistons have gone thru the compression stage
I feel the pressure
Engine is all top dead center waiting for its spark to launch it down the track
Inspiration and connection is like the wiring harness that provides the spark
With out these even the fastest of race cars would have trouble moving
Running on empty
Looking to refuel
Conversation that goes below the surface is one component that adds to my tank
Allowing relaxed moments to let my silly self come out is another
Of course Loving Energy is like High Octane making my engine purr
Affection, cuddling, touch help make it shine
Like a freshly polished coat of paint
They aid in calming the insides, in feeding the soul
Like an invisible radiating Star pulsating out thru the solar plexus
A single touch or smile can open up internal pathways that are either restricted or blocked
Lava looking for a channel
Like Blood to a Vampires Lips
The sweet taste of lifes energy
The heart chamber is like a village
When it coexists well with its neighbors the flow and passage in and out is smooth
At times of strife
New pathways can be built
Or walls can come up
Taking time to understand the language of the new foreigners
Or decide to pack up and move the village
Treat your Heart with as much care and respect as that of a Good Major to his beloved city
It is as complex as any modern metropolis
Yet delicate and soft as a flower
Let your soul flow like rose petals floating down a river
I have had lots of moments in my life where some event trigged the building of a dam
With a far amount of work, awareness, processing and care slowing those flood gates were able to lifted little by little
Allowing for a stream to once again flow
There are areas where dams still exist
Maybe even some that I don’t know about located in some valley yet to be discovered
The body and unconscious mind are like exploring a planet that is still creating itself
I pray that my journey thru this earth will be a prosperous one
That my scouts won’t be killed by wild natives
And I am given a chance to learn from my mistakes
I wish not to ruin anyone else’s camp
Only to add
With Love & Creativity

(c) Jack Roman


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