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December 14, 2013
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The journey to the center of my heart

The journey to the center of my heart
Begins with a sigh
A tear
A path leading in
Like a surfer riding a wave
You are alone on this particular ride
If you are lucky you have friends and family that support you
Like a coach bringing out the inner supper star
Not some ego driven super star
Like "yo yo check me out"
Fucking noise
I am talking about a pulsating radiant star
Taking the journey within is like cleaning all the shit off the glass in light house
Maintaining the oil in the lamp
Fixing windows as life's storms try to blow out your light
Keeping the channel lit
Guiding the hearts energy
As if all the planets in our solar system where between us and the sun
Sometimes pushing planets out of the way
Sometimes waiting for those fat fuckers to move
And once the path is clear again
There is life on earth again
And when you have taken the time to move those inner obstacles
Letting your heart radiate
Pulsating thru ur being
Then we can start to live again

(C) Jack Roman


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